Vice Mayor Zheng Xuxiu Visits Jingtian Intelligent Research and Guidance
2023-08-15 16:15:56

  On the afternoon of August 12th, Vice Mayor Zheng Xiuxu visited the company for research and guidance, accompanied by leaders from Dangtu County, Finance Bureau, Local Finance Bureau, and Jiangdong Holdings. The general manager of the company, Luo Ming, provided a detailed report on the current business situation, as well as the next restructuring plan and development plan. Mayor Zheng fully affirmed the entrepreneurial spirit of the company in recent years, which has been working together to overcome difficulties, and demanded that the company transform its thinking, seize opportunities, and create new brilliance. At the same time, it also stated that the municipal government will continue to care, support, and assist enterprises, and promote them to enter a new stage of development.


图片15.jpgMr. Luo is introducing the company situation to Vice Mayor Zheng Xiuxu and his delegation