The nuclear robot possesses anti-nuclear radiation capabilities and can perform remote tool replacement and automatic oil line connection. Its operational mechanical arm can work autonomously, making it suitable for use in places such as nuclear waste processing facilities, nuclear laboratories, outdoor nuclear test sites, and nuclear power plants.


Main Features of the Product:

 1.Radiation Resistance: The entire machine can withstand radiation intensity up to 100 Sv/h, with a cumulative dose capacity of 7200 Gy.

 2.8 Degrees of Freedom: The robot has 8 degrees of freedom, allowing it to operate flexibly in all directions.

 3.Autonomous Mechanical Arm: The mechanical arm can operate autonomously.

 4.Automatic Oil Line Connection: The robot can automatically connect oil lines, facilitating remote tool replacement.

 5.Third-Party Wireless Video Transmission: Third-party wireless video transmission ensures seamless remote monitoring from all angles.

 6.Dual-Speed Caterpillar Walking: Equipped with dual-speed caterpillar walking and four legs for automatic leveling.

 7.Optional Mobile Control Cabin: Can be paired with a mobile control cabin, enabling remote control from a distance of up to 5 km.

 8.Emergency Power Supply Option: Can be configured with an emergency power source.

 9.Compact Design: Its compact structure allows it to adapt to narrow workspaces.

 10.Various Attachments: Can be equipped with hydraulic grippers, hydraulic hammers, milling heads, cutting saws, metal shears, expanders, bucket clamps, and excavator buckets, among other tools.