The explosion-proof robot is a tracked remote-controlled operating robot. The remote controller, controller, multiple valves, motors, cables, and hydraulic pipelines used are all explosion-proof components. The entire machine is explosion-proof certified and suitable for various applications, including underground coal mining operations, firefighting and rescue missions, handling hazardous materials, and operations in areas prone to flammability, explosiveness, or collapse.


Main Features of the Product:

 1.Explosion-Proof Design: The entire machine is designed with explosion-proof features.

 2.8 Degrees of Freedom: It has 8 degrees of freedom, enabling versatile spatial operations.

 3.Rubber Tracks: Equipped with rubber tracks, it has excellent climbing and obstacle-crossing capabilities.

 4.Tiltrotator: The Tiltrotator allows for rapid tool replacement.

 5.Flexible Robot Movement: The robot exhibits agile movement, adapting well to various complex terrains.