Special Robot is characterized by hydraulic propulsion, remote control operation, and mobile functionality. It finds wide applications in harsh environments, including high temperature and pressure, high dust and pollution levels, flammable and explosive conditions, toxic and hazardous gases, and narrow confined spaces. It serves as a substitute for human labor in performing various high-power tasks. GIANT Robotics offers two main categories of products based on electric motor and diesel engine type.


Main Features of the Product:

 1.8 Degrees of Freedom: The entire machine has 8 degrees of freedom, allowing for flexible operation in all directions.

 2.Tiltrotor: Equipped with a Tiltrotator, it can achieve 360° rotation, ±45° swinging, and quick tool changing capabilities.

 3.Dual-Speed Caterpillar Walking: With dual-speed caterpillar tracks and automatic leg leveling.

 4.Standard Remote Control Range: It offers a standard remote control range of 150 meters.

 5.Compact Structure: The robot has a compact structure, making it suitable for operations in narrow spaces.

 6.Various Attachments: It can be configured with hydraulic grippers, hydraulic hammers, milling heads, cutting saws, metal shears, expanders, bucket clamps, and excavator buckets, among other tools.